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Order Bacchus Nel's second album Tussen Junk & Jewelry - from

Tussen Junk & Jewelry - Bacchus Nel & Marissa WestBacchus Nel's second album: Tussen Junk & Jewelry (Between Junk & Jewelry), is now available. This eleven track work was recorded and completed in a new collaberation with Marissa West. Listen to the sample tracks by clicking here.


Track Listing:

1. Tussen Junk & Jewelry
2. Sondagoggend Basement Blues
3. Hey Baby
4. Sy's Nat soos 'n Painting
5. Bitterblou
6. Die Dooie Hoender Wals
7. Ons Ry die Nagmerrie Bloots
8. Die Wolwe se Getjank
9. Vrou van Kennis Goed en Kwaad
10. Tussen die Bottel en die Brug
11. Maak Oop Laat my In

Order Bacchus Nel's debut album In Die Arms Van Die Nag - from

In Die Arms Van Die Nag - Bacchus NelThe Pretoria singer Bacchus Nel's debut album: In die arms van die nag (In the Arms of the Night), is now available. This twelve track work was recorded and completed with the able assistance of Lanie van der Walt (from Not my dog and Wolmer Records) and popular blues-rocker Piet Botha.

According to Theunis Engelbrecht (a well-known music journalist), Bacchus Nel is one of just a few new names who are rapidly changing the face of Afrikaans music like no-one has done before. Engelbrecht also states that Bacchus Nel is singer who enchants listeners with stirring poetry and music. Engelbrecht says that in some circles people are referring to him as the Gert Vlok Nel of the new generation.

Bacchus Nel's vivid writing style as well as his sensitive introspection makes this so much more than an album full of "braaivleis music". The hypnotic effect of this young singer becomes clear and in spite of Botha and Van der Walt's influence, he firmly leaves his mark on the music.

Friends and comrades that perform regularly with Bacchus Nel is Riku Lätti, Albert "the Wolfman" de Vos and the poet Kabous Verwoerd.

Track Listing:

1. In Die Arms Van Die Nag
2. Raam Dit Met Die Son
3. Oppieplaas
4. Fantasee
5. Treine
6. Rooiwyn Winter
7. Depot Provera
8. Herfsman
9. Tel Jou Kleingeld, Tel Jou Cigarettes En Tel Jou Luck
10. Trek Oop Jou Gordyne
11. Sunnyside
12. Corner Kafee

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